Create your personal and professional web image for business and social success. Personal image consulting by RasadaCrea helps students, managers, excecutives, people creating and developing a personal branding from the web

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Personal Branding Package Offer

web content management solution to expand web site content

Creating your own personal brand enhance relations and boost business

Personal branding is the process by which we market and relate ourselves to other people. Brand discovery is about figuring out what a person want to realize, setting personal and professional targets, writing down a vision and sharing it with others. You don't need waiting to be famous to create a personal branding package.

Everyone is different, carrying specific vision and ambitions: each of us is a brand. By creating and publishing our personal brand, based on passions, we can leverage the same strategies that make celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others. We can profit from brand equity just like them.

RasadaCrea will help in both advising your personal branding creation process, by recentering on passions and niche competences, and creating original personal messages and tools, which will facilitate exploiting and disseminating your valuable personal branding.

An happy personal branding customer

Rokbarry is one of our happy personal branding customers : ««« RasadaCrea helped me in turning dreams into vision. For the money spent, I got far more than web and communication services : I realized I could bring passions and wishes into the reality of a business landscape. Thank you again RasadaCrea. I recommend to all their professional and creative personal branding services »»»

RasadaCrea Personal Branding Package Offer: Services Offer and Pricing

Services Offer

Personal branding creation services :

  • Customer needs study (half day) : brainstorming centering personal branding contents on passions and niche competences
  • Web page graphic content : two iterations before final page
  • Brand slogan : two proposals
  • Brand logo : two iterations
  • Advices on web domain selection and availability check
  • Web domain purchase
  • Business card creation and production (recto/verso)
  • Selection of 3 email addresses
  • Creation of 3 email boxes on Gmail, terminated with brand domain name
  • DNS Activation for the created email boxes
  • Forward of the 3 email addresses to one of them
  • Creation of web communication pages (up to 3 in different or same language)
  • Basic SEO for the web communication pages
  • Documents (up to 3, such as products portfolio, CV, reference documents) upload capability from the web communication pages
  • Hosting of the web communication pages on brand domain name

Maintenance and hosting services:

  • Year maintenance and hosting

Optional services are :

  • Creation of facebook profile
  • Creation of twitter profile
  • Creation of googlemaps account
  • Insertion of google-analytics
  • Emails local backup
  • SEO Extended search engine optimization
  • Consulting and training services on set-up of public or private (internet or intranet) wiki (google-sites or moinmoin wiki engine)
  • Set-up of public blog (blogger)
  • Development of custom python scripts (automatizing specific personal or business tasks)
  • Custom RSS feed aggregator (feeds selection, filtering criteria, email alert, browser view ..)
  • Web, Linux, Python trainings

Pricing Grid

Personal branding creation services :

  • 990€ (plus 19.6% VAT), full rate
  • 660€ (plus 19.6% VAT), 33% discounted rate for customers bringing one extra customer to this personal branding services offer

Maintenance and hosting yearly services:

  • 119€ (plus 19.6% VAT) per year

Optional services :

  • 49€ (plus 19.6% VAT) for creation of facebook, twitter profile, googlemaps account and activation of google-analytics
  • 99€ (plus 19.6% VAT) per year for set up and maintenance of emails local backup
  • Contact RasadaCrea for Extended SEO services
  • Contact RasadaCrea for consulting and training services on set-up of public or private (internet or intranet) wiki
  • Contact RasadaCrea for set-up of public blog (blogger)
  • Contact RasadaCrea for development of custom python scripts (automatizing specific personal or business tasks)
  • Contact RasadaCrea for custom RSS feed aggregator services (feeds selection, filtering criteria, email alert, browser view ..)
  • See trainings offers list for Web, Linux, Python courses