Learning center on open source web technologies. Individual training courses about learning linux ubuntu, learning python, pylons courses, django courses, mysql postgresql sqlite databases and sqlalchemy orm by RasadaCrea, Grenoble Lyon France

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Because you are different, you need learning web at your own pace

web technologies training services and consulting

Personalized training delivery methods to make objectives getting there

When choosing a training session, the training delivery method is important for the success of your training. A lecture style teaching method, with labs for the trainee to practice on his own, is good for persons who learn fast by applying the lesson to their personal technical environment; less experienced trainees may require instead structured hands-on labs to improve their skills step by step.

RasadaCrea prepares and delivers trainings on a per-person requirements based on the profile of the trainee, allowing for flexibility in terms of training content, schedule and duration, trainee's prerequisites, course delivery method. Trainings dispensed by RasadaCrea are individual and centered on web technologies and pursue a twofold objective:

  • Pass the trainee the trainer's own experience acquired in the field
  • Encourage and show the trainee how to independently expand his knowledges

A pragmatic set of web technology trainings on a per person custom basis

Take benefit of the long lasting experience and web technologies survey RasadaCrea has practiced. There are so many possible, good and bad, choices in this arena that it's of a paramount importance having a good start: months or years may be lost in chasing a good set of open and well integrated technologies. RasadaCrea offers customized and per person trainings based on and around the following key web technologies, which represent a puzzle needed to be put in place prior being able to play in the global picture: