First page search engine optimization services and seo consulting by RasadaCrea, France. Web page content optimization for natural search engines indexing

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Search engine optimization or the art of attracting visitors naturally

web search engine indexing optimization services by RasadaCrea support your marketing strategy

Convert visitors, retain them and make sure they return to your web site

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is the practice of optimizing a web site in the intent of skyrocketing ranking on the search engine results pages ( SERP ), to be present in the first page of google search engine. SEO is an extremely effective marketing tactic of increasing your web site traffic, thus generating new business.

With millions of potential customers performing millions of web searches each day, marketers have overlooked the importance of having a highly optimized site for search engines. In practice it makes a dramatic difference in terms of web visibility.

RasadaCrea has experienced great SEO results guided by his systematic respect of search engine indexing best practices and cares about key phrases searches and content optimizations. Giving clients the right guidelines on how prepare and adapt their web page contents is of the utmost importance in getting results there.

Ask RasadaCrea for a search engine optimization package designed for your specific needs; your website will attract more visitors and attain higher rankings in search engines. This leads to more customer conversions and higher sales

Key phrases, keywords are search engines foundation: drivers to first page google

Search engines have now reached very worldly understanding of both semantics and the way people use language, including knowledge around common misspellings and synonyms and common related searches, so as to try to return the best results for a user search.

Therefore it is crucial that web sites show content with keywords and key phrases that are likely to be used by their target audience. To be in google first page, build your keywords to describe your business at the best, whilst tracking the terms your potential customers are likely to use to find the services you are offering. Also consider a few technicalities :

  • Search volume telling how many searchers are using those key phrases
  • Keywords competition showing how many other web sites out there are targeting that same phrase
  • Propensity to convert measuring the likelihood a searcher using a key phrase is going to convert
  • Value per conversion qualifying the attractiveness to the searcher of the keywords