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Give solid foundations to your software web development

web sites design to reflect your business and expand customer service

Respect state of art principles in modern web design

Software web development and modern web design are central to any successful e-marketing strategy, yet many managers do not understand the importance of laying solid foundations in this area. Like building a house, solid foundations are key to stability, longevity and long term scalability. Developing a web site requires more than choosing colors and blinking images. While it is tempting to focus on the design aesthetics, it is important to remember that a web site is a marketing tool which should be primarily seen to serve the users.

Respecting the guidelines of modern web design has never been more important. Your web site is seen as the front door to your company, yet it has to be visible. Making sure it conforms to state of art principles of websites usability and online visibility is of paramount importance:

At RasadaCrea design web company we care of modern web design and services web sites (more than poor site usability implementations such as blinking images, flashing lights, automatic sound, scrolling text, pop-ups ..). As a professional web site company we wish sharing all best practices with you

Software web development designing web usability and web visibility

While it is critical that your web site is built for optimal crawling, indexing and ranking by search engines, a modern web design site also needs to be worthy of traffic and valuable content. It's required to be built for web usability. Websites usability and web visibility usually enhance search engine friendliness. Key considerations are :

  • Well thought out information architecture and clear navigation
  • Standards compliant HTML and functionality that works across all browsers
  • Descriptive naming for each element so that web user experience is preserved without images
  • Don’t make user think ! users don’t have to figure out what to do. they should just be able to do it
  • Modern web design enhances web user experience by guiding a visitor seamlessly through the web site