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Content rich development web agency with website visibility in mind

web sites development for search engine visibility

Well structured web content is as vital for online visibility as it is for users

Attracting search engine traffic is by far the utmost target for any web site. Without getting it, chances are a site will never be visible and miserably fails in fulfilling its web marketing functions. It's essential that the search engines can see your entire publicly visible web site, index it in full for its relevant keywords. URLs, alt tags, title tags and meta data all describe a web site and its pages to both search engine crawlers and people. For instance well structured URLs give a good idea of the architecture of the web site.

As well descriptive tags are the only way to tell a search spider about images content, thus indexing them and contribute to the overall online visibility of your web site. Just as alt tags on an image HTML element, title attributes help in describing the content of the element itself, thus being indexed by search engine spiders. The most vital descriptive element of the page content is the title tag, which plays an heavy role in the website visibility arena

Developing seamless web page content get indexed by search engine spiders and raise websites SEO

Care of your web page content to get the best results. Having multiple pages with duplicated content hurts the web site search engine rankings. There are solutions for that:

  • A 301 redirect has to be put in place wherever different URLs point to the same web content
  • Make use of disallow instruction in robot.txt to prevent duplicate content banning

Again at RasadaCrea design web company, we know how to design web solutions of success while taking care of key web design issues, unknown to the many and sometimes unexperienced employees in services web sites company. Make sure that both visitors and search engines can have a seamless experience within your web site, while maximizing your online visibility :

  • Check for broken links and fix them. Store any referrer to broken links for 404 analysis
  • Validate your web site HTML and CSS in accordance with W3C guidelines
  • Make sure all web forms and applications work as they are expected to do
  • Keep web page size as small as possible and lower than 150K for a page. It ensures not only a faster download speed for users, but also that the content can be fully cached by the search engines