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RasadaCrea is about web services, SEO marketing, python programming

rasadacrea internet site technologies, web marketing services and consulting, linux python pylons django trainings

One stop web services, SEM, e-marketing, web python, web trainings for your company

Most searches for company web services are finally done online, thus creating a solid and visible presence on the internet marketplace has become a key factor for success and web business growth. Architecting a valuable online e-marketing strategy is however a job for specialists and requires for continuous improvements. At RasadaCrea we offer three major ingredients to bring your business to a profitable web visibility: experience, passion and relationship. Experience is based on the company founder decennial international marketing exposure on high-tech products, as well as on internet usage, social media marketing and web application development. A Deep passion in web technologies and python programming daily feeds

our job. Together with extensive usage of python programming and linux based open source applications and webmaster tools, web passion brings our customers significant benefits in terms of web solutions flexibility, extendability and cost saving. Building solid Relationships with the customer is important to RasadaCrea: we are not interested in selling hours of online job, but in serving our customers until the target result is reached and beyond. As well RasadaCrea shall not ping-pong the customer among different employees, experienced or not: a single experienced web person, as unique technical and commercial interface, will accompany all along the customer to get the result there

Web solutions to satisfy all your best website and web application requirements

RasadaCrea is happy to discuss with you the most suitable full set of web solutions fitting with your website company requirements, everything from web site development, web application and website hosting, to database design and data analysis python algorithms, specific python programming, SEO, online marketing, CMS document management systems, linux Ubuntu networking systems, to linux and python trainings

Linux trainings and python courses to enhance your daily web marketing productivity

Feel frustrated about time lost to reboot and protect your personal computer, to search files to work on ? Feel frustrated about useless complexity of text editors and too many other, apparently necessary, office applications ? For sure you need and are ready to break the chains. Be free, be open, enjoy the beauty and superior productivity of open source technologies

Jumping on the open source software productivity is much easier than what you can imagine. Break it now to be competitive tomorrow. RasadaCrea help you embracing the chain-less computer world by providing short but efficient trainings on linux Ubuntu, productivity, web technologies, python programming training, web framework pylons training, django training