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Building on customer relationship : web services, trainings methodology

rasadacrea web site methodology, web marketing services and consulting, linux python pylons django trainings

The basics : web communication, web services and customer care

We all know well success can happen only upon customer's satisfaction about provided web services, generating good results. Listening to customer, understanding web application requirements, advising efficient web solutions demand for a personal involvement and strong communication. We care about Communication, Service and Customer Results and we care above all about customers satisfaction

Web solutions and python programming services methodology

RasadaCrea aims at serving his customers with a best tailored and flexible service, although based on a formalized web service methodology :

  • A first discussion gathering customer web requirements and expected targets. A few advices are pointed out at this stage. An action is taken by the appointed RasadaCrea technical web project manager to come back with a written Proposal of Services (PoS)
  • The Proposal of Services shall be reviewed back and forth prior to reaching a complete list of web services
  • RasadaCrea shall release a quotation based on the completed proposal of services together with a simple contract proposal, a list of tasks to be shared between RasadaCrea and the customer, a preliminary planning
  • During the development period a continuous communication shall occur between the parties to monitor the progress and explore suggestions for improvements
  • Once the web project is delivered, RasadaCrea will regularly monitor the web performances and advice on possible updates or improvements

Linux Ubuntu training, Python programming, Django, Pylons training methodology

The web trainings are modeled upon a per user needs methodology. Within the main training axes, which are driven by the open source web technologies such as linux Ubuntu, python programming and web technologies, we care about the specific requirements of the customer. Each training is organized around the user and is dispatched to a single user. We are convinced each fellow has different learning schemes thus requiring for individual and auto-adaptive training sessions