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Social media services to boost your holistic social web e-marketing strategy

social web, social online facebook integration, social media and consumer generated media services

Connect your company and brand to online social media community

Social web gives brands and companies the opportunity to interact with customers, which can choose to engage with at their will. Social media potential to go online viral marketing represents an invaluable benefit. An accurate online social media marketing strategy allows creation of a social web community for your brand, services, products and their supporters:

  • Social networking marketing is all about using internet to connect and build personal and business relationships with others. Applications facebook, myspace, linkedIn, dopplr, twitter facebook integration websites allow users to create personal profiles and then interact with their connections through sharing a social media platform, sending messages and blogging. Not only do social networking marketing sites allow you to interact with the members of your own virtual space, but they allow you to extend beyond your own network
  • Blogging is simply a regularly updated journal published on the web, creating an online identity and a voice for your company. Blogs usually allow for comments on blog posts, thus expanding the community reach. Search engines value the regular and fresh content created by blogging. Micro-Blogging is a short form of blogging (most popular text micro-blogging are twitter, jaiku, as well as yammer
  • Knowledge and content sharing sites such as wikis (wikipedia, wikitravel) and youtube or flickr encourage distribution of social online contents and are able to generate a far greater audience than ever before

RasadaCrea social web and social media consulting

RasadaCrea, a social media marketing company, offer social web services and social media consulting. Your web traffic can be enhanced by an holistic social web marketing strategy integrating most social media technologies, applications facebook twitter by means of dedicated social networking scripts. Contact us for more information and free preliminary advices. Social media consulting services, social web development and support include:

  • Social networking strategy set-up
  • Blogging sites ready-to-go solutions
  • Micro-blogging networking best practice consulting
  • Wiki and content sharing strategy consulting
  • Social media usage trainings