JQuery framework services and web front end consulting by RasadaCrea, Grenoble - France. JQuery plugins, jquery animate and cross browser support

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Javascript browser compatibility guaranteed since jQuery framework

jquery javascript framework for rapid web developments

RasadaCrea boost your web front-end javascript effects with open source jQuery plugins

jquery is a javascript framework, for rapid front-end web developments used by RasadaCrea, Grenoble - France

Among a number of popular javascript framework implementations, jQuery has gained a special place in the web arena because it really excels at key criticalities in client-side scripting development. RasadaCrea has selected jQuery javascript framework to optimally support your websites and web services applications because of :

  • Cross browser compatibility which easy any web front-end development task
  • Clear, concise, intuitive library for a direct use of jquery plugins or their customization
  • Proven for robust front-end web programming

JQuery is a fast and concise javascript framework that simplifies DOM document traversal or CSS manipulations, event handling, animation or effects, AJAX interactions and much more for rapid and robust front-end web developments. Too many are the great features and benefits coming out from the usage of jQuery framework:

  • Lightweight, fast, cross-browsers compatible, thus benefiting on development and debug
  • Excellent CSS selector integration and action chaining capability allowing for clean design
  • Outstanding abstraction of AJAX javascript functionalities encouraging easy web usability implementations
  • Clean animation and effects programming interface implementations and visual design decoupling
  • Large community behind with tons of great plug-ins and clear documentation, such as jquery animate, jquery image, jquery carousel, jquery json, jquery date picker, jquery calendar, jquery forms

Cross browser web applications quality is a matter of powerful javascript framework

<script type="text/javascript">
    //insert target=_blank
    jQuery(function() {
                                  {target: '_blank'} );