linux ubuntu servers services, ubuntu network setup services, ubuntu install on desktop, netbook, laptop. Ubuntu trainings by RasadaCrea, Grenoble - France

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Not yet on linux ubuntu ? You are missing easy life, your PC safe conditions

linux ubuntu desktop and server hosting trainings and services

Linux ubuntu : a rare blend of comfort, power and security in the computer world

linux ubuntu services and trainings by RasadaCrea, Grenoble - France

Fast and comfortable, ubuntu os is a secure, intuitive linux operating system that powers desktops, servers, notebooks, laptops and netbooks. The linux ubuntu desktop edition is a rare mixing of comfort, power, security and robustness: ideal for any office and development task. Lean, fast and powerful, ubuntu server edition delivers services reliably, predictably and economically, while it easily integrates with any existing network wired and wireless infrastructure.

Let's put it the way it is: working life has never been so easy than with linux ubuntu. Ubuntu distributions are free, well maintained and declined by type of hardware, so that it becomes very easy to get installed ubuntu desktop, ubuntu laptop, ubuntu netbook or ubuntu server distribution. Give it a try by yourself or ask RasadaCrea for any installation services and for a quick ubuntu training:

  • Ubuntu is user friendly, at reach of any user and free with a vast set of free popular applications, such as for instance openoffice suite, skype, gimp image editor, xsane image scanner, plenty of audio and video open source software, chatting systems, science and engineering free software, education and developers tools, games and graphics open source implementations, database servers and clients, apache web server and many other servers, programming tools, powefull and time saving terminal commands
  • Installation is a snap and hardware compatibility impressive
  • Proven security and uncomplicated firewall technology
  • Single commands admin operations. Services deployments and servers set up in minutes
  • Awesome packages administration utilities and vast applications library easy to install and uninstall
  • It really makes your hardware long lasting

Easy to jump on open source : Learn how to be productive with linux ubuntu

$ apt-cache search python3.1
python3.1 - An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.1)
$ sudo apt-get install python3.1
$ python
>>> import string
>>> "linux ubuntu os rocks".upper()